Will South Africa Bring Some Luck to Restore to its Top Spot by March End?

Will South Africa cricket restore to its No.1 spot in Test by the end of March? Will things go well inordinately? South Africans have odds to slip to No.2, even if it’s done, by the second week of April.

The current No.1 side with 3-0 win against India will not be enough for the team which is at No.2 over the top. When it comes to follow the triumph with 3-0 of the Aussies, South Africa will be at the top of totem pole, which they last had in 2016.

But the problem is that SA will be playing four tests with the Aussies and even 3-1 in the favor of former will lead them to second position and Indians will be back on top.

For South Africa, getting to No.1 again should be the top prize in 2018, which will get a good start with tours by Australia and India. But from there, it will be a downhill. An away series over Sri Lanka in three tests in August as well as in September is nothing to look for and 3 T20s and five ODIs are not worth in Australia in November to look forward to.

South Africa will not need to pay much attention from early April to December to cricket as Aussies will leave and Pakistan will arrive for three tests, 3 T2Os and five ODIs which will be stretching in January. Is it fine to wait for the inaugural T20 Global League edition which is going to happen this year for its messy delay in the year 2017?

For the suits, it is going to take a lot to regain the fans’ trust. But never mind, sponsors and broadcasters made a lot of planning last year for the tournament. Who said that the game will not be better without another fake event played by fake teams to win a fake trophy?

T20 which replaced T20GL drew over 105,448 fans to the grounds of the nation this summer, which is a great improvement over the 63,031 fans, who turned this season up last time. It is good to ascribe this difference with the fact that the best players of South Africa, who signed to play in T20GL, were featured.

Even though the suits don’t have much time and money to buy the loyalty of stars for domestic cricket, would they learn from that? Even less we could see, what happened to the suits which were growling over making huge changes aggressively to the memorandum with the Association of South African Crickets which serves as a trade union of the players.

Thabang Moroe, CSA’s acting chief executive, added, “The people who make money for cricket are ultimately not the union in Cricket South Africa.” Players are the only assets that are marketable in CSA. Board will have nothing to sell to sponsors and broadcasters without them.  Moroe further added, “I have nothing but an insight on how a company runs from management perspective and how it works with trade union.”

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