ViKohli Wants Analysis in India’s Overdose of Playing Same Oppositionrat in Sri Lanka

Team India Captain Virat Kohli added on Wednesday, “The overdose of Indian cricket in same opposition in Sri Lanka doubled over the past three months. It needs analysis or cricket fans might go away.”

In July-August this year, team India whitewashed Sri Lanka 9-0 in all formats in Sri Lanka and is all set to play full-fledged series in India, which will start from Thursday. The same team will again face men in blue in India for 3 ODIs, 3 Tests and three T20 Internationals. The first rubber is scheduled to start at Eden Gardens from Thursday.

When asked if this overdose of playing this opposition once more might turn off the fans and whether fans might leave the stadiums empty, Kohli replied, “I don’t know. Cricket fans need to do these analyses who watch the matches as viewers are the way too different from the players who are engaged in the game.”

“There is no rule of complacency for us or saying we don’t like to play the same game again. There is no room for us. We need to stay at our complete intensity every time. Fans can better answer the questions who are watching the game.”

“Though I is not a big deal for the players as they also play with same intensity, we need to maintain a balance between the competitive and the fans who are engaged and keeping the game going.”

“If cricket is being played too much or a lot of repetition of same kind of series for us or not, we are just playing for the country and we just do what we are known for every time.”

Kohli added, “It is important to do this analysis. It should obviously be considered as you don’t want your fans going away from the stadiums. We need to keep balance of engaging fans and keeping players fresh at the same time and to keep cricket competitive and exciting with too much cricket is happening all the year round. That point would surely be discussed in future.”

Once again, he made it clear that team India won’t approach the proposed Test series in a unique way just because they cleared the visitors. The Indian skipper seems to be worried to the fact that they need to keep their consistency as team and take Sri Lanka just like they would have with any other team.

He added, “Every series is huge and every match is important that you play. It’s not something that we let this series go out of our hands and you people won’t say anything to us. Everything is important and we don’t differentiate when playing for the country. We just want to do our best as team.”

“No matter what conditions we are going to play at and what combinations that comes on our way to play, we do the same accordingly. We keep in mind that victory is important for us and everyone whether we play overseas or in India,” Kohli said.

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