Top 5 Power Hitters who can hit Longest Six in IPL 2018

It is no brainer that 20-over format is the shortest of all and is a great opportunity for power hitters to strike the ball as far as possible. The Indian Premier League has seen several powerful shots over the years.

In this year’s IPL, there is no lack of power hitters and it is very difficult to judge the best of the lot.  All of the 8 teams have their own hitters and it is very important in this format. Here’s who are most likely to hit the longest six this season.

Chris Gayle

When it comes to listing the biggest six hitters, how can we overlook this beast. He is yet another batsman who can never be ignored so easily. It goes without saying that Chris Gayle is the huge six-hitter in the game no matter which format it is.

After being overlooked by all teams until the last round of auction, he might have chance to prove himself. If he ends up with a few biggest hits in this season’s IPL, it won’t be a surprise. So rivals, beware!

Hardik Pandya

Well, power hitting is not something that comes to our mind when looking at Hardik Pandya. Mumbai Indians picked Pandya ahead of 2015 IPL and he has gone to play for India in all of three formats after some decent performances to win the matches. In India, hard-hitting batsmen are rare assets and this bloke has a potential to strike back the ball once he is at his best form. Overall, he is expect to pull off a few giant sixes that sail a mile.

Andre Russell

He is truly an undisputed hitter, isn’t? He is a six-hitting powerhouse. He is one of only two players who retained ahead of IPL in 2018 for the Kolkata Knight Riders and he will get an additional bonus to perform.

He is known to have unmatched power-hitting skills so he can single-handedly change the game and snatch the chances of winning from rivals in a blink of eye.  He has superpower to hit the biggest six in the upcoming edition of IPL.

Brendon McCullum

Maybe, he is not what he was known to be in the first couple of IPL editions. But Brendon McCullum still has enough power to hit the ball to the boundaries. In the very first match of IPL in 2008 which was played in Bangalore, his breathtaking knock was something we still remember.

He will don the RCB’s jersey this time around and interestingly, he will be playing at Chinnaswamy. So, there are chances that he might bring old form and old memories back. He is expected to hit few big sixes this year also.

Kieron Pollard

He is yet another name who deserves to be known as big six hitter. Once he is in his best, he can send the ball to the orbit. He does so with so ease that viewers are left awestruck. He can take any bowling attack apart in the world and will definitely hit a few sixes that can break a couple of records in this season.

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