No More Rain Delays in Future – ECB and MCC Plan Mesh Canopies over Cricket Stadiums

Rainfall has been considered as a very serious concern in India when it comes to cricket. But it could soon be the matter of the past in England this year. The unreliable and unpredictable nature of weather in England was there to see during ICC for all in Champions Trophy where Australia could play just one match and were knocked due to rains.

For the domestic cricket season, rains have been very adverse in England. In Natwest Blast last year, 16 matches were wiped out. Guy Lavender, MCC CEO, added, “They have planned an interesting technology to protect stadiums from rainfall and keep the game going on even in wet weather. Rainfall is a huge matter of concern when it comes to cricket. When it comes to weather impact on cricket in the UK, we are thinking how such latest technologies could develop and be tested as a top club in the match.”

ECB leaders are looking forward to implement the unique and new idea to deal with weather delays. They would float a hot air balloon which is high enough to avoid the balls in the air. They are planning to prevent the rain from wiping out the game in international matches to be played in England.

The ECB officials are going ahead to investigate this whole new technology which will help deal with the wet weather. In this concept, a canopy is hanged over the pitch to provide a protection as a roof. It is something they are seriously considering.

An American company approached the Lord’s stadium bosses who had a proposal in which they claim that they can cut the rain delays that cricket suffer these days. Since testing is currently running at early stage, ECB have literally shown an interest in the concept and talked to MCC about conducting more research.

An ECB spokesperson added, “We would be looking forward to implement this kind of technology and make games more interruption free and keep players playing cricket.”

Rainfall delays have always been the major concerns in England. Hence, ECB is looking forward to reduce the amount of delays and times when game is wiped out due to extreme weather.

In this plan, they will replace the fine and sensitive mesh which are now on the floodlights at most of the major grounds in England.  They would attach a hot air balloon at the heart of meshing and lift canopy up and it will form a shape just like a tent.

People behind the concept believe that they have a sturdy and durable material which is transparent enough to allow light to penetrate so game won’t be interrupted. It will also avoid the rain from dripping through.

However, more research would be required to find out what happens to the water which would be running off the net. We still need to find out if it would drip on the audiences. Lavender added, “It is a matter of concern we are discussing with ECB chief executive, Tom Harrison.”