England Expects Mitch’s Performance in Ashes Series to Come

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 28: Mitchell Johnson of Australia prepares to bowl during day three of the Fourth Ashes Test Match between Australia and England at Melbourne Cricket Ground on December 28, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

This summer, England seems to be very desperate to earn respect in Australia and uses Mitch Johnson as example for giving the best performance to win the Ashes. The team England landed in Perth with captain Joe Root yesterday, embarked on a charm that can help the team to defend the ashes, according to him, two years after they won at home.

He also added the absence of top-class all-rounder Ben Stokes, who may not be allowed to tour Australia due to an assault investigation. But he would give a powerful motivation to his teammates. Root added, “We desperately want to get going as we are in good place as side. We wish to get out and play some cricket and enjoy what are a great tour and a great country.”

Stokes’ absence won’t stop us – Root

Root has already given instructions to his team to build its bonding with hostile crowds and urged his players to take a leaf from winning performance of Johnson’s Ashes with the ball which helped Australia to whitewash with 5-0 in 2013-14.

He said that Johnson was a great bowler to spearhead Mitchell Starc for Australia and former tearaway in Test provided an ideal blueprint to the team. “You need people to do what Johnson did last time to win Ashes series,” Root added about 37-wicket series of left armer.

He further added, “Our challenge is to do something very special for our partners in Australia.” Root was quite confused about fate of Stokes on the continuing police investigation on the allegations off a night club in Bristol last month, while the two men’s appearance who claimed cricketer gone to defend them and not buoyed the view of captain. Stokes had quite great Ashes tour with highlight of a century four years ago in Perth.

“Ben has been the big part of the team for a long period but he could have been out for up to six months down his knee. I am totally in the dark as what is going to happen,” Root added.

Cricketers in England to touch down in Perth

Criminal investigation is just a story and we are not sure what’s going on with it while there is an internal investigation going up to follow. But Root added that the matter of Stokes won’t cause any distraction in his team while the expected absence of all-rounder would let other players to use the opportunity.

He added, “We still have a strong team with a lot of other players and all-rounders who may come in and we are ready to prove ourselves. You have an opportunity to earn huge respect in the world if you are able to perform well.”

According to Root, the presence of three of the greatest players of England in the top run-scorer Alastair Cook and two top wicket-taking players Start Broad and James Anderson gave a great foundation.

But Kevin Peitersen is worried that Stokes’ absence would be a fatal blow to the chances for England to retain the urn.