Sports Ministry Asks NADA to Enforce Dope Test on Indian Cricketers

The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has been approached by the sports ministry to conduct dope test on crickets under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code on the BCCI in all its entirety and fairness, during the international and domestic matches in India.

Indian government also given ‘free hand’ to NADA to assign and send its ‘dope controlling officers’ to the tournaments conducted by BCCI. According to an official, sports ministry would file a case against BCCI if it keeps defying NADA. According to the reports, WADA approached ICC to force BCCI to allow dope test on Indian cricketers.

Now, NADA has full powers and authority from the ministry to send its officials to the matches and tournaments held by the BCCI to collect urine and blood samples of the cricketers who are playing in the competition.

According to an exclusive report on October 28, 2017 by Times of India, WADA has approached Indian Cricket Council to direct BCCI to not to stop dope testing to take place on Indian cricketers. WADA has also written to the sports ministry in India and asked it to ensure that BCCI complies with the standard by WADA. If it is not ensured, WADA had also warned the NADA’s accreditation to be cancelled.

Sports secretary, Rahul Bhatnagar, said on Saturday, “I have already told director general (NADA) Navin Agarwal to send his DCO so the BCCI-recognized sports tournaments in India to collect samples of participating cricketers. If BCCI creates any hurdles or resists the NADA’s proceedings, we have full authority to take further action against the board.”

Bhatnagar further added, “First of all, we will start with testing during the matches on players in competition played in India. Then, we will move forward eventually to conduct testing out of competition. Even if BCCI doesn’t respond to the previous mails by NADA, ministry will not stop to conduct its duties. We will see what more we need to do. Let them first do anything to stop us from performing such tests. The important thing to note is that we will perform testing as mentioned in the WADA Code and in our stipulated parameters and rules.”

According to another official, the ministry would look no further and drag the board to court if it causes any barriers in NADA’s proceedings. The official added, “BCCI is public organization. Though it doesn’t receive any financial support from the ministry, but it needs to seek permission to hold bilateral series and tournaments in the world, like any national sports federation. So, it cannot say we will not allow NADA to do such tests but hold a private international dope testing organization IDTM to collect samples.”

Bhatnagar added, “We need to take this matter to its logical solution permanently. For the time being, we are looking forward to collect samples. We need to comply with WADA Code.” NADA will first dope test on cricketers in Ranji Trophy season. The board will just look into the matter after the proceedings from Supreme Court in the recommendations of Lodha Committee.

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