Sourav Ganguly: Eden Gardens in Good Shape for India vs. Australia ODI

Former team India’s cricketer and President at Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), Sourav Ganguly has apparently said that Eden Gardens will be in good shape to host the most awaited India vs. Australia on September 21, despite heavy rains in Kolkata.

Sujan Mukherjee, Eden Garden curator, added, “I couldn’t even touch the wicket, let alone preparing it for the match.”

But Ganguly told reporters, “The ground is in excellent condition and will be prepared for the ODI. These days, it rained heavily but we have covered all the bases.”

Earlier, Sujan said to CricketNext that things are going too challenging due to frequent rain, as well as ensuring that the ground is covered well. Even the groundsmen are not ready to let the wicket to dry under the sun and get it ready for the ODI.

He said, “It has been raining without interruption in Kolkata. Obviously, I am worried and tense as sun and clear sky is needed to let the wicket to dry so we can have a good wicket. Till Tuesday, it had been raining. Again, weather forecast will be the same for few more days to come. Actually, people in Kolkata know that the situation remains unchanged every year this time and rainfall is expected even during ODI. In these months, Eastern India expects heavy rainfall before monsoon comes back.”

Ravi Shastri, chief coach, is supposed to like wickets which are helpful for the host team as it was seen in his last tenure when he was not that satisfied as a director with the wicket for ODI between India vs. South Africa in 2015 at Wankhede Stadium.

When asked if it means that wicket couldn’t be prepared very well for next match in the series, the curator believes that it will not be the case. Mostly, it will help the host with the dampness it comes and be covered round the clock.

He added, “There is no risk of playing in an underprepared wicket at all. Within the past few years, we have got some quality wicket. We expect the best from the groundsmen. However, we are humans and we cannot fight nature. Currently, all the areas in and around Kolkata are flooded. In that case, expecting belter would be wrong. In this situation, the home team may have a bit of advantage as dampness will make it difficult to play stroke and pitch will take turn.”

However, Sujan seems confident that the match shouldn’t be moved out of Kolkata because pitch is not prepared as part of the CAB. He added, “I don’t actually feel that the game is at risk because of the wicket. The rain is creating havoc and we can just wait and hope we can have some time to prepare the ground according to the standards.”

When Sujan keeps his fingers crossed and hoping for the best, the chief curator of Eden Gardens is not that satisfied with the BCCI’s scheduling of the games. At this time, international matches should be played in the north. It is because only in winters, the matches could be played in Eastern India.

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