Indian Cricket Team May Soon Get ‘Business Class’ Upgrade

Indian team players might soon get business class relief in domestic tours for stress-free travel with the management.According to a report by Times of India, the BCCI may upgrade their domestic flight from economy to business class Indian skipper Virat Kohli and other players took up the matter of lack of security and privacy with the management.

In regular economy class, the cricketers reportedly said that they don’t have any privacy from the co-passengers. Tall players like KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Ishant Sharma, and Mohammad Shami don’t have much leg space in second class. Sometimes, team has to wait for luggage for a long time. A few players also complained that they have been mobbed in the airports.

Acting president of BCCI, CK Khanna also drafted a letter to address the matter to his associates to raise the concern. According to Times of India, Kapil Dev said, “Now BCCI is making good amount of money and it should have its official plane. It can make lives of Team India easier and save a lot of time of the players. The board can now afford it. It should be done around 5 years ago.”

Kapil Dev said, “I would also want to see some players buying their private planes within few days to come. Top golfers in the US have their own aircrafts. I don’t know why our players cannot have it as it can save a lot of time for them. The players can get enough of time to rest between the matches if BCCI owns its planes. I know BCCI can afford the charges for parking it.”

However, there are many Indian athletes who don’t have the same perks. There have been a lot of cases in the history of India where sports authority ended up with red faces. Last year, hockey players Namita Toppo, Deep Grace Ekka, Lilima Minz, Sunita Lakra, and others who played at Rio Olympics for India, were made to sit on the floor of the bogey, despite being railway employees, when getting back home from the summer Olympics due to unconfirmed tickets.

Recently, The National Rifles Association of India (NRAI) didn’t come forward to help the shooters like Abhinav Bindra who were stuck at Indira Gandhi airport when their ammunition didn’t get any clearance for hours.

Having a private plane is a need of an hour

Recently, Times of India had an interview with Kapil Dev, where he said that BCCI should have taken this step at least five years ago. Now that they have good money, they should own a plane. It can save time and stress of both players and the management. The board can afford a plane now.

According to the former all-rounder, it seems to be beneficial for the cricketer. These days cricket is being played all the year round and cricketers don’t get much rest. As a result, there is high chance of fatigue. So, it is vital to make things convenient and easy for the cricketers from the cricket boards.

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