Former Australian Legends claim Maxwell out against England in T20

In the T20 match played against England in Hobart, Glenn Maxwell played match-winning knock. But he must be out earlier in the match, according to Australian greats, after an alleged ruling by the third empire.

The Australian all-rounder was playing around 59 when a shot was mistimed to long off when caught by Jason Roy just before the ball hit the ground. The on-field empire given Maxwell out but the decision was sent to the third umpire for review. The footage was reviewed by the former Australian cricketers Mark Taylor and Michael Clarke and they found that he was out.

Clarke added, “Adil Rashid did great bowling and he is surely out for me. I think you saw straight the toss of fieldsman and the ball was straight up. He is sure that it’s out.”

Taylor said, “They said that it is out and they will get it checked. We have faced this issue already. Here the third empire has to prove it didn’t make way to the fielder or prove it was not going to out. We are going to face same issue once more. Are his fingers around the ball? It’s definitely going to be an issue.”

Clarke was clear that Roy caught the ball properly before it hit the ground. Clarke added, “It is 100% out, without a doubt, and the reaction of fieldsman tosses it up.”

“When you slow the momentum down of the ball getting into the fingers, it does touch the ground and you cannot say it with confidence that it doesn’t touch the ground. It seems to be it touches the ground. Look where his fingers are as a fieldsman. He has his fingers under the ball.”

Taylor agreed with his statement. He said, “He is finger is actually under the ball. His finger would have been jammed. Clarke is right. I see he has caught the ball. Once you see it, the problem is that it always looks worse.”

The commentators were shock so much when Maxwell was declared not out. Initially, Mark Nicholas felt that third umpire agreed to the panel and batsman was out. When Maxwell was allowed to keep playing and game resumed, Clarke warned that their decision would be costly and even worse if the same thing happens in final of World Cup in Australia to be played in 2020.

Clarke added, “Umpire declared him not out. I just can’t believe it. He is definitely out. The decision of third umpire is not out as they feel that the ball touches the grass but his fingers were clearly under the ball.”

“In this same, something like that the game is over there in T20, you announced Maxwell out, he makes you pay when England’s game is on.”

“For England, it’s a huge wicket in a game. We have got WC here and the same thing took place can cost the World Cup final.”

Maxwell scored century with six and secured Australia with 9 ball win to spare but Eion Morgan from England was diplomatic on the alleged dismissal.

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