England vs. Australia 2018 – 5 Records Broken in 3rd ODI

In the current Royal London Cup between England and Australia, both arch-rivals met for the third ODI. This fixture had the same result like the last two ODIs, i.e. England won again. Well, it was more than just a victory for England as it completely humiliated the Aussies.

England smashed Australia while creating a world record in ODI by scoring 481 for six as they demolished Aussies bowling lineup in the third ODI of 5-match series. England battered Australia to a new level and posted a humongous score by just losing 6 wickets. After Tuesday’s match, the series now gets in favor of England as they have overwhelming 3-0 lead.

As expected from an epic match like this, there were many records broken in this historic ODI at Trent Bridge. Along with the highest total made ever, many records have been broken.

  1. Highest ODI Score Ever

England scored the highest ever 481 runs off 6 balls in ODI and beat their own record 444 against Pakistan when they won by 169 runs at same venue. It was Alex Hales then and now who scored 147 to guide England to reach this huge total. Jonny Bairstow has kept the temperature high by scoring a great century. The English side tops the chart by scoring more 350+ than other countries after their world cup debacle in Aussies’ land. It’s the best time to switch the top gear as only one year left for 2019 World Cup.

  1. Fastest ever half-century by English side

Eoin Morgan scored the fastest half-century in the history of ODI with just 21 deliveries. He broke the last best record set by Jos Buttler. The England hard-hitter scored 50 in 22 deliveries versus Pakistan. But, Jos still has the record for fastest ODI century in England unbroken.

  1. Australia with their heaviest loss in ODI

Australia is having bad days as it is seen with their recent ball tampering scandal case. Australia lost their first two ODIs but the recent ODI at the Trent Bridge was a humiliation to them. Australia lost their 3rd ODI by whopping 242 runs and they were all out at 239. On runs margin, it is the heaviest defeat for the Australian team ever.

  1. Eoin Morgan became all-time top run-getter for England in ODI history

No one has ever expected an Irishman to become the leading run-getter of England in ODI history. He became the highest run-scorer in England in limited-overs format. He passed by Ian Bell to achieve this, who scored 5416 runs. Morgan broke this record in third ODI against Australia.

  1. Fastest 300, 400 and 450

In the fastest time overs, England has crossed 300 by grossing the record in only 33 overs. Well, they were still unstoppable as they made another record of fastest 400 and reached the huge score in 43 overs. Then, they went on to get past 450. It is something that no other country has ever done in this beautiful game.

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