Cricket Australia Partners with Big Ant Studio to Make Cricket Games

Ashes Cricket is probably the best cricket game out there and Cricket Australia need to do a lot for it. CA is the body which controls Australian cricket and it has taken huge interest in gaming to promote cricket in Australia and the world. The board collaborated with Big Ant Studio to launch Big Bash League for iOS and Android and the results were quite exciting, especially with over 3 million downloads in India and 5 million across the world, according to the representatives in Cricket Australia.

Big Bash League is also a T20 tournament in Australia where teams have players from different countries. But it is basically a showcase of best talent of domestic cricket in Australia. By keeping in mind that there is no Indian connection with Big Bash League, there is lots of downloads.

When Ashes Cricket is made available for consoles and PC, the Big Bash Cricket is going mobile and Cricket Australia is investing more in video games. Strategy managers Apurwa Sarve and Chris Simpson approached the Cricket Australia gaming division to figure out why board has made this decision.

Simpson added, “We use the case study of FIFA. We used some stats about FIFA last year which is promoting the awareness of soccer among the casual soccer fans and those who are not soccer fans at all. FIFA has done a great job in rising popularity of the sport.”

He added, “We are not asking people to get off the couch and head to the field. We just want to show that they can feel the cricket along with playing Call of Duty. You may walk on as players like David Warner.”

The purpose behind making this game is to keep the teens engaged with the game. As outdoor sports have direct competition with different kinds of entertainment, such as TV shows, gaming, and even social media channels on the web. Sarve said, “We are going to find a real drop off in children who are going to play physical sports from 13 to 18.  If they don’t engage with the game physically in this age, it’s time to engage them to it digitally so they stay entertained with the game for longer period and even choose cricket as their field in their early 20s.”

To figure out why Cricket Australia has done it so, you should know the way sports schedules work in Australia. Australians are supposed to play many sports and cricket has tough competition from rugby and football. These sports rule the whole winter. Hence, cricket has the best opportunity during the summer. So, The Ashes and other series take place from March to October. According to Cricket Australia, video games help Australian cricket to be played in winter, when matches are not played in Australia. With that in mind, Cricket Australia approach Ant Studios.

Licensing plays a vital role in providing great experience. Ashes Crickets opens up a window of odds for Wales Cricket Board and England to try their hands on something similar.

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