Chris Gayle wins Fairfax Media Defamation Lawsuit

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle not just hit media giants but also belted them off the ground. It’s a headline which may not make it to the newspapers of media giants.A one-man, 3-women jury found one of the most popular cricketers in the world defamed brutally in deliberations within less than two hours.Fairfax Media wrote several articles in February 2016, claimed Gayle exposing him to team Leanne Russell masseuse.

Ms Russell told that she was traumatized after the incident in the Supreme Court in witness box and said, “I was crying unconsciously, like a child.”But his defense was simple in the court. He added, “It was a lie, it didn’t happen. All was the part of plan to diminish him.”

After a legal battle lasted for five days as long as a Test series, Gayle walked out of the court as a winner, said it felt better than hitting a century. He added, ‘It was very emotional to be criticized for me in this regard. To defend my name and myself, I came all the way from Jamaica and I am happy today.”

Fairfax Media lawyers were shocked and they said it so. Peter Barlatt, a solicitor of Fairfax Media said, “I spoke 14 times to Leanne Harris and she was so sure and reporters were also sure. They did a lot of homework before publishing. It will cost a lot of money to the company unless we get back to the decision on appeal.”

Chris Gayle will savor his win for the victor, while his solicitors will do the sums and calculate the damage done to the reputation of him. He lost cricket contracts worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars due to this scandal and the opening batsman is already in talks to blow out the bill to around a million dollars.

Gayle swaggered off with a big smile. He added, “I am not guilty, I am not that kind of person.” He will soon be back in the ground, somewhere in the cricket, to thrash a bowling attack, just the way he did in a Sydney court room over a team of lawyers.Fairfax was found to be motivated by malice and a jury in NSW Supreme Court ruled in his favor. Media tried to defend the articles published on the basis that allegations were found in public interest and true.

After a verdict, Gayle added, “I am very happy finally,” according to Herald. He had been very emotional when he came out of court. The publication of the stories had an uproar according to which Gayle tried to flirt with a presenter in Australia on live TV, asked her for a drink and told, “Don’t blush, babe.”During the hearing which lasted for a week, Russell stood over the allegations and said that she had gone to the room came to Gayle with a towel. She lowered the towel and asked “Did you want this?” Donovan Miller, his close friend told that he always feel someone to get him out.

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