Australia’s Aggressive Cricket Commitment Makes Way for England

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When it comes to record a win, football is the huge cliché in Australian rules when a coach reveals that his side is pleased to get four points. In the Women’s Ashes Test, the first-ever match between the nations under light and with pink ball and a well-known fixture in multi-format series, these four points are very vital.  If they are claimed by Australia, Ashes will be safe and resolved before one ball of three T20 matches.

According to Ellyse Perry, Australia would play aggressive cricket after two days from the Test to flush England out. With a bit of ambiguity, another great expression of Australia shows the way Australian team usually plays, according to Heather Knight, an England captain. It’s about nullifying it and quieting them and playing the way and standing up.”

While putting the points of broader series apart, it is the spectacle in itself. Knight added, “We don’t play Test too much and get involved in the first Ashes day-night Test ever for female or male cricket. It is something that girls love.” He said that the North Sydney Oval is an excellent ground which is ideal for women’s cricket.

Rachael Haynes is a bit less animated and he admits that pink-ball cricket is overrated to normalize what is coming in the upcoming four days. She added, “We don’t want to think of it too much from our perspective. We just want to go out and focus on the current contest.”

The tourists were unable to enjoy the preparation for the matches because of rain and Mark Robinson, their coach is far excited of the pitch played by them a 3-day game for warm up on Blacktown before the Test. He said that it looks nothing a surface we would play on. It took chunks off the ball. So, it was irrelevant to play under the lights as you had huge chunks off the ball. So, it won’t swing at all.

In Australia’s hit out in Canberra and the game, wickets fell in bulk but barely when sun was out. “We’ve learned many things on how we should manage those situations and we will change certain things up on the sessions,” Haynes added.

On the Test eve, both coaches have the same opinion that the track is drier in North Sydney than they expected when they saw it for the first time. In return, Matthew Mott has another opinion. He is happy that he waited to name final XI to find out how the pitch looks on the final day. But they really looked confident that it will be hard enough for them to react in a way that their sides may drive the game as spectacle.

When it comes to the track they played on last time, Australia came on top in that occasion and the point of discussion was the glacial pace on which the game was played. Robinson added while speaking about his so-called “horrendous” surface, “I felt bad for them. Girls in both teams had a lot of criticism as it was not a good spectacle. But it was diabolical wicket. The surface is the most basic thing for women’s cricket all the time.”

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