After IPL Media Rights, What’s BCCI Take?

For all the flak, the BCCI has finally sold the most anticipated IPL rights of Rs. 16,347.5 Cr. for 5 years to Star India. Now Star India will handle this multi-million dollar project and TV audiences will eventually get used to the ever changing era of broadcasting. Now Star is ruling the roast when it comes to Indian cricket. It will now enjoy the monopoly over all the ICC events, from ICC World T20 to World Cups till 2023. It also owns the rights for the matches in India till 2018. They now have rights for IPL till 2022, another icing on the cake.

As the world of cricketing watched on with dropped jaws and furrowed eyebrows as which will be roped in by BCCI, one cannot sit back and ask a couple of questions on the board. The primary reason among those will be the matter of question about how BCC streamlines the same amount to help rule the cricket in the nation. Before we look ahead, let’s decipher and wait what transpired before.

The Indian players have led the revolution to change the game which raised the BCCI revenues. In several ways, players are not getting anything from the IPL media rights. This is where BCCI should look after. Will the BCCI bring players back to the fold? It is a question with no sure shot answer.

There is also an issue of infrastructure in India. At M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore, the facilities across the media box were quite well. Brett Lee, who was with host broadcasters for his stint, was spellbound with the arrangements there.

The play area had great look as well as other amenities which had great soppers, the covers, as well as the rest were quite well in place and things seem good, until we checked the general stands. It was quite fleeting and chairs had rundown look, toilets had a lot of issues, and concrete was not cleaned.

If BCCI cannot use the resources to improve the conditions of such centers, how it will benefit the Indian cricket despite such kind of deal?

Cricket infrastructure has witnessed a huge shift across the country and India is still a couple of huge strides away from setting a unique presence among other countries. It is up to the BCCI to sort out the basic issues in cricket infrastructure so we can see a new face of Indian cricket.

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